Financial Advisor Placement Services was founded in 2009 by Shawn Smith to meet the needs of the financial advisor who is considering a move to an Independent Broker Dealer. We work as the broker’s “agent” to help the advisor find the firm to meet their professional requirements in order to best serve their clients.   Financial Advisor Placement Services will sift through the many National, Regional and Independent broker dealers, and RIA firms, and help the advisor to answer the questions which accompany a firm change. We have developed many relationships with the decision makers at the firms we represent . Our sole focus is on placing finanical advisors with a new Broker-Dealer or with RIA firms. We do not get involved with recruiting people to other industries or positions, like many of our competitors. We feel that the function of providing financial advice is very important, so we pride ourselves in exclusively serving this market segment.   We will give you the personal and professional attention that you need in a confidential manner.

Since we have been in business, we have been getting calls from advisors who want to either buy or sell a book of business. With the aging of today’s financial advisor, the average age of the advisor is 58 years old. In this aging population, it only makes sense that some advisors will want to retire. Seeing this demand, we have accomodated these requests and have begun to help advisors sell their books and we have also helped smaller broker dealers sell their firms.

We will find you the best broker dealer that matches your needs. Financial Advisor Placement Services helps financial advisors sift through all of the options and questions involved in switching firms. We are experts in the broker dealer market. The people at Financial Advisor Placement Services have been working with and developing relationships with Independent broker dealer, regional and national broker dealers since 2007. We understand the clearing platforms and product offerings and understand the firm’s philosophy, so that we find the best broker dealer to suit your needs.

Going Independent broker dealers has its advantages if you are ready to take the challenge. Running your own business takes a certain initiative and provides many challanges that will be very rewarding. These rewards include:

You control your own destinity.

You have the freedom to name and brand your own practice.

You have your own goals and work schedule. You are no longer under corporate america’s control.

Financial Advisor Placement Services is the premier financial advisor recruiting firm, Independent broker dealers & Independent broker dealer payouts that specializes in placing only financial advisors.There is no cost to the Advisor!