The cornerstone of IMCA is the Certified Investment Management Analyst® certification. The CIMA® certification reflects experience, education, examination, and ethical standards. Those who have earned the CIMA certification have at least three years of experience in financial services, have passed an extensive background check, have completed a demanding two-step, graduate-level program of study, and have passed a comprehensive examination.

Certified Private Wealth Advisor®

IMCA’s newest designation, the Certified Private Wealth Advisor®, or CPWA®, was launched in 2007 and facilitates an advanced expertise in the life cycle of wealth: accumulation, preservation and protection, and distribution. Those who earn this designation learn to identify and analyze challenges facing high-net-worth clients and how to develop specific strategies to minimize taxes, monetize and protect assets, maximize growth, and transfer wealth. IMCA’s credentials are offered in conjunction with two of the top business schools in the country: The University of Chicago Booth School f Business; and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

The association is proud to serve more than 8,700 members including more than 6,200 CIMA certificates and 485 CPWA designees, as of March 31, 2012. Each member must subscribe to and each designee must adhere to IMCA’s Code of Professional Responsibility. In addition, IMCA’s Standards of Practice and Performance Reporting Standards provide practical guidance to investment management consultants in the course of conducting their practices and providing services to clients

National Association of Investment Professionals

The new for-profit National Association of Investment Professionals (NAIP) is a re-creation of the former not-for-profit NAIP. NAIP is a catalyst for developing awareness and understanding of issues affecting persons working in the financial services industry. They believe it is through this understanding; Independent broker dealer can begin to make informed decisions that will help not only those who work in the industry but the investing public at large. The NAIP Blog will post articles from a variety of media sources that address financial market regulation, legal and employment related issues.

They hope that their policy analysis will be done by professionals in the industry, lawyers who specialize in employment/securities law, and academics. They also hope that their members will contribute data and opinion to their effort, changing broker dealers since policy analysis is only as good as the data it analyzes. They will post articles and research that will achieve this objective on their blog.

NAIP differs from other financial sites because it focuses on opinion and analysis rather than just news, and provides tools and services to its membership to help them grow and protect their business.

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