Financial Services Online (FSO) is a popular Internet based services in the financial services community. The Virtual Assistant (VSA) is “a comprehensive financial advisor support tool” and used daily by over 10,000 financial advisors. FSO Pubs are the first (1996) and largest (over 4,000,000 deliveries a month) publications of their kind on the Internet where nearly 150,000 insurance professionals get news and ideas & Broker Dealers.

The Virtual Assistant – The VSA has been described as an interactive library. It is a very knowledgeable assistant that can virtually put everything advisors need to operate a financial practice at their fingertips.

Financial Services Online pubs – FSO Pubs provides financial services, news and marketing ideas that effect financial advisors’ businesses since 1996.

For 65 years, the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance provides investing, managing and spending guidance with a consistent, timely and authoritative editorial voice.

According to their Editor-In-Chief, Knight Kiplinger: “The Kiplinger organization has been giving financial and business-management advice about as long as anyone” (Our sister publication, The Kiplinger Letter, has been publishing since 1923.) “To us, the work we do is more than a business; it’s a calling, a profession – indeed, a mission. We’re passionate about giving our readers great value in every issue. Our readers trust us, and that bond of trust is what makes us such an effective advertising medium, too.”

Published since 1947, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance provides down-to-earth advice on managing money and achieving financial security. They provide their readers with trustworthy information and practical guidance on saving, investing, planning for retirement, paying for college, buying an automobile, Independent Broker Dealers home and other major purchases, as well as reliable advice for all stages of their financial lives. Their readers are affluent and influential men and women who are actively involved in their personal-finance decisions, and we are guided by the expectation that they will act on what we write about and benefit from doing so.

Bankrate, Inc. offers over three decades’ experience in financial publishing. In 1976, Bankrate, was introduced as “Bank Rate Monitor,” a print publisher for the banking industry. The “Bank Rate Monitor” newsletter originally distributed contained much of the same rate research and information they are known for today. After two decades of conducting quality, independent broker dealer trusted rate research, they went online, expanded their offerings and made their online debut in 1996.

In addition to rate data, they publish original and objective personal finance stories to help consumers make informed financial decisions.

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