Shawn K. Smith is the Principal of Financial Advisor Placement Services and founded it in 2009.  Shawn has 23 years of investment industry experience and has worked directly with Financial Advisors during this time.  Prior to founding Financial Advisor Placement Services, he worked at Ameriprise Financial as the Recruiting Manager for the Northeast.  Before Ameriprise, Shawn worked as a Vice President of Sales at Sun Life Financial, in Wellesley, MA.  Shawn was Assistant Vice President of Sales for Pioneer Investments in Boston and a Wholesaler at North American Funds in Boston in the late 1990’s.  Shawn holds an MBA, from Bentley University and a BA in Economics from Princeton University.

Financial Advisor Placement Services is the premier financial advisor recruiting firm, Independent broker dealer, Broker dealer search, Independent broker dealer firms, Independent broker dealer payouts, Independent broker dealers that specializes in placing only financial advisors.  There is no cost to the Advisor!

Since we have been in business, we have been getting calls from advisors who want to either buy or sell a book of business.  With the aging of today’s financial advisor, the average age of the advisor is 58 years old.  In this aging population, it only makes sense that some advisors will want to retire.  Seeing this demand, we have accommodated these requests and have begun to help advisors sell their books and we have also helped smaller broker dealers sell their firms.

With a vast network of qualified buyers, we are able to “create a market” for the financial advisor and company owner to market their assets.  Unlike other competitor firms, that simply send “blast emails” out to a wide area of financial advisors to get buyers, we use our personal relationships to provide qualified buyers in a confidential manner with broker dealers who will financially stand behind the buyer.  We always have the buyer and seller sign a non-disclosure agreement so that everything is kept confidential.  We find that this is the best way to do business.

Financial Advisor Placement Services (FAPS) places only Financial Advisors.  While other competitor firms work with other financial professionals, we feel that our sole focus makes us the best in the industry.   While other placement firms will “hand off” the advisor to another junior recruiter, everyone who does business with FAPS with work with Shawn Smith, our Founder.  It is because of this personal attention, and expertise in this field, that advisors like doing business with us.

Since we work with over 70 select broker dealers, we have a vast network of partner firms, which allow us to place advisors and brokers throughout the United States.  We speak to advisors every day, from every state in the country.  While this gives us the opportunity to introduce local firms to you.  With today’s technology, you can join any broker dealer no matter how far away they are. In 2014, we placed more advisors in CA than we did in our home state of MA!

A Great Success Story

The advisors we work with love our process and it works.  We just received a call from a lady advisor in Oklahoma who we placed an y4ear ago.  She just called to thank us for a job well done.  She had a registration challenge and a year ago, she was about to exit the business because she was so discouraged in her search.  Once we spoke to her, we were able to find her several options.  She decided to join a firm in FL and she broke away from her independent group and set up her own practice for the first time ever.  In the beginning there were many challenges setting up her own office, setting up a high profile website, as well as moving her book of business.  In the end, she called us to say that she was elated that she set up her own practice in 201 and that it was her best year as an advisor ever! And she has been in the business 29 years.  It is stories like these that make us excited to help advisors succeed every day!