Going independent has its advantages if you are ready to take the challenge.  Running your own business takes a certain initiative and provides many challenges that will be very rewarding.  These rewards include:


You control your own destinity.


You have the freedom to name and brand your own practice.


You have your own goals and work schedule.  You are no longer under corporate America’s control.

Your payouts increase, from 25%-45% at the wire houses to 70%-95% at the independent firms.  You have control over what expenses to incur to grow your business.


As a 1099 independent contractor, you enjoy all of the benefits of writing off your expenses against your firm’s revenue to determine the net income.  The federal governments are providing some attractive incentives for small businesses in the 2011 tax code, so you can be more competitive.

Building Equity in your practice.  You now own your book and can sell it if you want to retire or get out of the business.  Your practice can be your biggest asset.


Financial Advisor Placement Services is the premier financial advisor recruiting firm, Broker dealerBroker dealers that specializes in placing only financial advisors.  There is no cost to the Advisor!

Book mobility:  If your Broker-Dealer doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain, or if the needs of your practice no longer match that of the firm you can switch to another firm that is more suitable.


You can decide to keep your firm small or grow it to a larger size by recruiting other advisors and offering additional services. We are always looking of new talent to add to our team.  If you are interested in applying for a position are recruiters please submitting your resume to:  sales@financialadvisorplacementservices.com   all positions are 1099 contractor opportunities.


Job Description


  • Responsible for all phases of recruiting independent and retail financial advisors (business development, client, service, research, search process, qualification of candidates, closing, etc.)
  • Generation and maintenance of a pipeline of business through establishing strong relationships with financial advisors
  • Performing market research to focus business development efforts on targeted companies/industries/geographies
  • Identification of qualified and interested candidates through extensive research, direct recruiting, and referrals
  • Contact all appropriate candidates for a particular search by phone and/or e-mail to gauge qualifications and interest
  • Build and manage database of candidates and own personal network


Job requirements


Qualifications of Recruiter:


  • High school graduate or equivalent required. BA/BS preferred.
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Experience with direct recruiting and network/database building
  • Ability to interact effectively with senior-level executives as clients and candidates
  • Broad range of advanced business experience crossing various industries
  • 3+ years of executive recruiting experience or financial services experience
  • Extensive background in business development and relationship building
  • Knowledge and ability to relate to financial advisor candidates at the executive level
  • Should be highly organized and committed to process-driven environment
  • Should have entrepreneurial drive and be independent and self-motivated